Lexington homes – Homes That Suit Your Taste

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If you have decided to spend the rest of your life in Lexington, then that would by far be the best decision in your life. The city of Lexington is truly known for its calm and serene atmosphere along with wonderful line of city scapes. Lexington concentrates on improving the growth of the urban frontier that consists of greenbelts and zoning classifications. The main motive as to why this has been implemented is because of the development of the cities and also to be distinguished from other smaller cities. City of Lexington would be full of surprises for the citizens.
The city of Lexington is not only responsible for the growth of the city but also makes a considerable effect in the real estate industry. The real estate in this place has been on peak and has contributed to the growth of the city.
Notable places in Lexington:
• The Lexington Financial Center which was completed in 1987 is the tallest structure in the entire area. With 30 floors and 410 feet high, the center serves as a home to various financial institutions including the Fifth Third Bank.
• Lexington MLS is a 22 storey building that is mainly used by people who wish to live in high rise structure. Named as Park Plaza, this structure has an 8 storey garage parking that is connected to the Lexington Public Library. This connection proves to be of maximum use to those who visit the library regularly.
• World Trade center which was built in 1982 serves as a business complex to various firms. This structure is bounded by East Miller streets, Vine and South Mill.
• Triangle center which was formerly known as the Festival Market is a place where you can find many restaurants and coffee shops.